'They are ten people' who have played an important role in different field of the world in 2015 (Part - 1).

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. The international scientific journal Nature has published a report about ten people who have played an important role in different field of the world in 2015. Let us know about them at a glance -

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Christiana Figueres

In December, all the countries have agreed to reduce the global warming. However, the credit for the work should be given to that person, whose name is Christiana Figueres. As an ambassador of UN Climate Conference, Figueres has traveled the entire world in the past five years. At the time, she talked with environmentalists, businesspersons and governments and took part in different activities with them. As a result, the governments of 195 countries of the world have promised that they will take steps to reduce two degree Celsius of the global warming. Though she is a member of a powerful political family of Costa Rica, Figueres has developed her own identity outside the country by taking part in activities about the climate change. Her former colleagues have commented about her, 'She is a person, who is able to collect work.' Figueres's statement about herself, 'I have chosen completely different dimension battlefield in the world. However, it seems different but the war is same. We all have a highest level of moral responsibility. By performing that we can help changing the current situation.'

Junjiu Huang

In April of this year, Junjiu Huang has published a research report saying 'how human embryos can be changed by the help of gene.' Undoubtedly, it is a great achievement for gene-editing technologies. However, many people have not taken the issue normally because of morality. Therefore, debate was started centering this issue. At that time, molecular researcher of Sun Yat-Sen University Huang could say something in self-defense, but he did not. Later, Huang said the main reason to research about this issue. Huang said, "By this, genetic problems like cancer or diabetes can be identified at the beginning and it is possible to know exactly how genes work for the development of the embryo. Nature has said that Huang and and his team used a strong technology ‘CRISPR-Cas9’ to carry out the study. Although the report is published now, Huang said that we have to wait another 50 to 100 years to see the physical form of the fact. He also said, 'We do not know where the result will stand at the end." Even a decade ago, people did not know about CRISPR. Therefore, who knows what will happen.

Alan Stern

For the first time, aerospace researcher has showed the world 'Pluto'. On 14 July, Stern and his colleagues were able to implement this project by the NASA funded spacecraft. Many people may be surprised after hearing that, Stern was cherishing this dream since 1989. Even a formal proposal was put forward to NASA. Later, NASA rejected this plan because of budget in 2000. However, the researcher Stern did not forget this dream. Finally, Stern saw the implementation of his dream with his own eyes on 14 July 2015. Stern was given the responsibility of 'New Horizons' project and he and his colleagues did not disappoint the world. They gave the information and pictures of Pluto to the world. After the implementation of his dream, researcher of the Research Institute of Southeast, Stern is busy on his new work.

Zhenan Bao

From a small plastic box, nearly weightless 'patch' attached to a carbon nanotubes came out first. It will be possible to look through the heart by this patch but the patch need to be worn in hand. After that artificial skin came out of the same box. This artificial skin is able to identify the skin through carbon nanotubes sensor. It is not an imagination, with the help of her team Zhenan Bao has made the wearable technology. Professionally, Bao is a chemical engineer at Stanford University. In addition, she is a co-founder of the field of Organic Thin. Bao and about 40 chemists, chemical engineers and physicists of her lab are going through constant effort to create a range of wearable products which can be used in health sector, almost weightless but full of technology. In the context of the invention Bao said that wearable product innovation was inspired by nature. About the wearable products Bao said, 'It's not based on just one idea which has made the wearable products. On the contrary, one product is based on many of the ideas. 

This article is based on internet. Hope, we will learn the second part very soon.

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