What kind of Power Bank should be bought? How to use a Power Bank? Details about Power Bank. (Part - 1)

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. Nowadays, buying a power bank has become a common thing. There are many kinds of power bank available in the current market from many companies and the prices are different. Ordinary users often become confused, while buying a power bank. I will discuss some points of buying a power bank in this article. If you pay attention to the article, then buying a power bank will be a lot easier for you and you will be benefited. Let us come to the topic.

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Why will we use Power Bank?

Nowadays, mobile phone's designs have become very slim and performances have increased a lot. Therefore, battery life is becoming less. The pattern of using mobile phone is changed a lot compared to previous mobile phone usage. In this situation, we need a power bank, so that we can charge our phone, when we want and where we want. Due to the convenience of portability, this is becoming very popular day by day but the problem is that there are different company's power banks with different prices. Let us learn few tips, so that we can select the power bank in right way and we can be benefited.

Tips 1: Be attentive to the capacity.

The point, which comes first, is capacity. The capacity of power bank, which are available in the market is ranging from 1500mAh to almost 30000mAh. In this situation, you need to determine that whether you want more recharge cycles or more portability and should make your choice of power bank capacity depending on that. I want to make one thing clear to you because many people make a mistake while understanding this. Think that your phone's battery is 2500mAh and power bank capacity is 10000mAh. It does not mean that you can recharge your phone 4 times. If there is written 10000mAh on the body of your product, then your power bank capacity is 10000mAh. The company is not telling lie to you but some energy will be lost, when you will charge your phone. Generally, you will get 75-95% efficiency of the capacity. However, the efficiency percentage depends on various companies. If the capacity of the power bank is 10000mAh, then it will be able to recharge the 2500mAh battery about 3 times. However, if your product efficiency is 70%, then you will get 7000mAh efficiency and if your product efficiency is 80% or 90%, then you will get 8000mAh or 9000mAh efficiency. Capacity and efficiency is not same. You will get a little less efficiency than the capacity.

Tips 2: Wait until 8-10 recharge cycle to get the best performance.

A power bank shows its maximum efficiency, after completing the first 8-10 recharge cycle. It is not possible to understand that the product is good or bad after charging only couple of times. You will understand that the product is good or bad, after using it 8-10 times. After using 8-10 times, you will get the fixed output.

Tips 3: Make sure that the power bank has 'Pass Through Charging' feature.

You should check another feature, while buying power bank. That is pass through charging feature. Now, I am saying what is pass through charging. When you will buy a power bank, there will be only a USB cable with that. You will not get a power adapter because you have a power adapter with your phone already. If you go outside for traveling, then you will not take two separate power adapter with you, will you? Think that you have connected the power bank with the power adapter and smartphone with the power bank. Now, if you have the pass through charging feature, then your phone will be charged, first by the electricity and then your power bank will be charged. Not every power bank has this feature. As an example, Xiaomi has this feature but OnePlus does not have this feature. If you go to bed after connecting all the devices for charging and your power bank has the pass through charging feature, then after waking from sleep, you will see that both the phone and power bank is fully charged. This is a much-needed feature and you will be able to charge your two devices with the help of one power adapter.

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