What is spam email and how can we identify them?

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Now, let us come to the topic. There was a time, when there was widespread domination of spam email. Much important information was taken from people by fooling them in different ways. Many people have started to forget about spam email because of the email service provider's great spam folder.
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A Nigerian banker has sent an email to you by saying that he wants to give his millions of dollars to you or a foreign girl wants to send her secret picture to you. Spam email used to come to the inbox with such kinds of different plots or machinations.

Many people fell into the trap of the spammers. Some people survived and some people suffered.

The days are changed now. Spam email does not come so easily as before. Now, spam email comes with different new method.

Now, spam email comes saying that you have won Amnesty International lottery. They have asked for your name, gender, phone number and country name for giving you the prize. Alternatively, you have been selected for a job in Microsoft. You need to email the required documents to them. Many also copy exact Facebook, Twitter email and then customize them for trying phishing. To know more about phishing, you can see this article: 'Protect your Facebook account from hacking.' No hacker will be able to hack your Facebook account.

I think that you have understood what spam email is. I think that you have also understood how spam email can be recognized. Let us try to find out in detail about how spam email can be identified.

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Some unusual offer: Most of the spam email offers something unusual. Someone may tell you that Pepsi is giving 10 lucky people 1 million dollar each through lottery. You are one of those 10.

What? Does it seem very normal to hear? It is not normal at all.

Why will Pepsi give 1 million dollar to you or me without any cause? If you see something like this, then you should understand that it is a spam email.

A Nigerian doctor wants to make you his business partner. You have to give some of your important private information for this. Then, he will make you his business partner without any cost. By getting this email, many people will be delighted but if they think about it once, then they can avoid this spam email. Why will a business person make you a partner without any qualifications or without having to invest money?

He is not also from your own country. This type of spam email may come with the name of any country.

A girl wants to send you her private photos or want to make friendship with you: This sounds a little worse to hear but this kind of email comes everyday. The response for this kind spam email is relatively higher than other spam email. Since this is a sensitive matter, so many people become victims of this type of spam email.

If you get something like this, then please think first. Then, you will know that these are deception.

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Email with the name of a big company: Spam email may come with the name of big company or government. Spammers align the full mail in such a way that there is no way of understanding that the mail is a spam. If you get this kind of email, then you must see the email address. Then, you will understand the problem of that email.

Before @, I mean in the first part, there should be a keyword of the company or the government. In the next part, there will be the domain of a general email service provider or ordinary custom domain.

Government or a big company will not send you email through Gmail, Yahoo or any other general hosted email domain. If they need to mail you, then they will send the email from the email address of their own domain.

Facebook is telling you to change your password: Facebook is telling you to change your password or Facebook is saying that they will begin to take money for running Facebook after some days. However, if you log into your Facebook account by clicking on the link provided in the mail, then you will be able to run Facebook without any cost.

This kinds of mails are fake. Do not take action from this kind of email ever.

If Facebook sends you email by saying that you have to change the password, then there is no need to log in by clicking the given link in any case. Go directly to Facebook website and change the password from there.

Unusual spelling mistake: In most cases, a lot of spelling mistakes can be seen in spam emails. If there are excessive spelling mistakes in an email, then you can assume that email as a spam.

However, sometimes your friend, who has just learned to type, can send you email with lot of spelling mistakes. Then, you can be sure by talking to your friend.

Attachment: If you get an email with attachment from an unrecognizable person, then you can assume that email as a spam email. Spammers attach virus with the attachment and send the email. Those emails can be written well but you should not open that attachment.

If you are still unable to satisfy your own interest and open the attachment, then please be ready to suffer for the virus.

The spammer can find new ways for spamming except the ways I have described above. However, if you use Gmail or Yahoo email, then you can be sure that this kind of email will go directly to your spam folder in most of the cases because nowadays, mail service providers are strong enough to identify the spam email. Their system is intelligent enough. It is still a good idea to learn about those spam email. If any spam email come to your inbox for any reason, then you will be able to protect yourself.

Stay free from spam and refrain yourself from spamming.

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