Ten things that you should keep in mind while buying a DSLR camera.

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. Photography has become a huge interesting thing for the people. There are many reasons behind this interest but publishing photo in the virtual world is the main reason. In this modern era, the camera device has become very cheap and available. DSLR is the camera with most modern technological quality until now, which guarantees to capture the most accurate pictures in its viewfinder and the lens can be changed as needed. So, before buying a DSLR, learn about 10 most important advice of selecting camera.

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  1. The most important statement for those, who are interested to buy DSLR camera, is that you really need to think about before buying a DSLR camera, whether you need it. There are much better quality Point-and-Shoot cameras in the market for taking good pictures. It is possible to take excellent pictures very easily by using the auto mode. They need DSLR, who simply have interest in learning photography.
  2. If you want to buy a DSLR, then focus on the most common brands. Nowadays, Canon, Nikon, Sony etc. brands are notable. It will be easy to get the lens or camera related accessories parts.
  3. More megapixel means better picture, this is a misconception. The unit only determines the size of the taken picture. More megapixels mean that although you print larger picture than the normal condition or do digital zooming, the picture quality will be good.
  4. The size of the sensor determines the image quality. If the sensor is big, then the picture will be clear and shiny as well as its technical standards will be better. Therefore, be attentive to this issue, while purchasing. However, cameras with large sensor are relatively little more expensive.
  5. You should check, whether your camera has 'Live View' display. How the picture will look like, it can be seen before taking the picture through this feature. This feature is very important for new photographers.
  6. Now, it is possible to shoot videos with almost every DSLR. Learn more about the video features of your chosen model. Check some important points. Such as how many frames can be captured per second, whether external microphone can be added etc.
  7. Before purchasing the camera, learn about necessary and important features. Such as focal point, shutter speed, frame size, image stabilizer, auto focus etc. These features can make your captured pictures even more simple and beautiful.
  8. DSLR cameras are sold in two ways, with lens and without lens. So, before buying a camera, check that what accessories you are getting with it. Battery, charger and shoulder strap is available with the camera. However, you will need to purchase separate memory card before using the camera. Try to buy a camera bag as soon as possible to protect the camera.
  9. Decide carefully about buying lens. The camera is available with the basic lens most of the time. It is possible to take picture with this lens primarily but if you want to use the DSLR camera fully, then you need to buy a new lens. Select the lens based on what kind of picture you want to take.
  10. Finally, before buying the camera, check whether there are any qualitative errors. If you know any experienced person, then it is the best idea to take him with you for purchasing the camera. You should also check that whether the weight is okay and you feel comfortable while holding it.

If you keep in mind these points, then fairly a good quality DSLR camera can be selected for your simple need and hobby. If you learn about the cameras or take suggestions from an experienced person before buying the camera, then it will be very easy task to select a camera.

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