Is your smartphone becoming overheated? What is the problem and what is the solution?

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. Nowadays, every phone has a common problem. The problem is that every phone becomes too hot. It is not a fact that the phone is cheap or expensive or the phone is android, apple or windows. If such problems have occurred with your phone, then today's article is for you. Today, I will discuss about some issues. For example, why smartphone becomes overheated, whether it is normal and how you can protect your smartphone from being overheated.

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Why does smartphone becomes overheated?

I want to inform you that every electronic device and machine becomes hot, while working. For example, your car, computer etc. We use water to keep the car cool. Fan is used to keep the computer cool and there is heat shield in it. Generally, we can say that smartphone becomes hot, as it is an electronic device. Still, I will try to tell you everything about it. Let us find out the cause, for which smartphone becomes overheated.

  • Processor: The first thing, which is responsible for overheated smartphone, is processor. Processor is the main part of your phone. It does every work of your phone. Though you are not using your phone, processor is always doing its work. Processor is built with semiconductor materials and there are many small electrons. When the processor does its work, the electrons continuously move from one place to another place (in simple terms) and while moving, the electrons cause collision and produce heat. It means that the more your processor works, the more it produces heat. If you work less with your phone, for example, if you use your phone for calls or for listening music, then your phone will produce less heat. However, suppose you are playing games and at the same time you are downloading a file from the internet, then your phone's processor have to work more and thereby, your smartphone will be overheated. Nowadays, smartphone is becoming slim. Therefore, the heat generated by the processor cannot come out, as the phone is thin. It can be seen that the phone's processor is attached with the body of your phone. As a result, overheating is perceived very soon.
  • Excessive load: As I mentioned earlier, if the load is too much for your phone, then your phone will be overheated more and faster. Your phone will be less hot, if you do normal work with your phone, for example, talking through the phone, sending SMS or listening to music but if you do a lot of work at the same time, then your phone will face too much load and the smartphone will be overheated.
  • Battery: Smartphone is becoming thin day by day but a significant improvement in battery technology is not being brought. As the phone is becoming too thin, the distance between each other apparatus is not too much. Battery becomes warm at the time of charging and discharging. As the distance between each other apparatus is not too much, the heat of the battery spreads to them and smartphone becomes overheated.
  • Ambient temperature: Another big reason for overheated smartphone is ambient temperature. In the summer, the temperature becomes high. If you use your smartphone in this temperature, then it will be overheated quickly.
  • Weak network signal: Suppose you are in a place, where the network signal is too weak or your Wi-Fi signal is not coming to your smartphone easily, in that case, your smartphone will spend too much charge. In order to get better signal, your phone applies more power to the antenna. Therefore, the smartphone needs to work a lot more and smartphone becomes overheated.

How much heat is usual and how much heat is unusual?

Now, let us talk about the usual and unusual heat of smartphone. In normal condition, your smartphone can be heated up to 35-47 degree Celsius and every phone becomes this much hot. Your phone is becoming hot; as it is less expensive, it is not true. The smartphones of large and famous company also become overheated. However, if you notice that your phone is always overheated, even when your phone is on stand-by mode, then there are problems in your phone.

What problem can be caused because of overheating?

  • Decreased performance: The performance of your smartphone can be reduced because of overheating. Smartphones processor is made in such a way that it reduces the amount of work when it becomes too hot, so that it can be cool. As the processor is automatically reducing its work, the smartphone's performance can be reduced.

How to protect smartphone from overheating?

More work should not be done and more game should not be played, it is not the fact. If you want to protect your smartphone from overheating, then keep updating your phone's software. Sometimes, the phone's software and hardware fails to keep the equivalent status. Keep searching on a regular basis, which apps are taking much space in the background. Identify them and turn off the apps temporarily.


I hope that you have enjoyed today's article.

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