Are you looking for the way of freelancing or outsourcing with ambition? (Part -1)

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. How are you all? I hope that you all are well. I think you have understood the topic of the article after watching the title. Today, I will try to tell you details about learning freelancing or outsourcing work correctly. We all know about freelancing or outsourcing more or less. However, we will try to know about it.


What is freelancing or outsourcing?

The original meaning of the word freelancing or outsourcing is free profession. Freelancing is actually a job, where you can earn by doing work freely. Simply, variety of institution is getting their different types of work done through the internet system. If the work is done by anyone outside the organization, then that work is called freelancing or outsourcing. Those who work in outsourcing are called freelancer.

What are the qualifications for freelancing or outsourcing?

Too much qualification is not required to earn in online. If anyone wants to earn in online, then they have to have the below qualifications.
  1.  Trust
  2.  Calmness
  3.  Integrity
  4.  Self-Confidence
  5.  You need to know English well (You must be able to explain yourself)
  6.  You need to know well about the work, which you want to do.
If you are not able to follow the above points, then you cannot be a successful freelancer. 

What is the future of freelancing career?

The future of freelancing is increasing day by day. There are many freelancers, who are earning thousands of dollars every month. The future of freelancers is bright. Therefore, this is the best time for us to make ourselves ready.

How to build a career in freelancing?

For making career in freelancing, you have to choose the suitable work from the huge platform of freelancing. For choosing the most suitable work for you, you can see this article: Which work will you learn for freelancing? This article is very important for decision-making. There are some best freelancing marketplace links below.

Where and how should we learn?

There are many kinds of work available in the marketplaces. However, web development and SEO works are most available job. First, you must decide what you will do. Then learn the work well and come to outsourcing. Today, I want to make you understand that prepare yourself before searching for works. The first thing you must remember is that you are going to compete in a very big competition field, where there are many more competitors from around the world. Several educational institutions are taking a big amount of money for teaching this kind of works. If they teach well, then there are no problem giving them money but most of them are not teaching well. I am not here to talk something about them. So, let us skip the topic about them. There are plenty of resources in the internet, from where you can learn. You have to watch English video tutorial to learn better about something. Let us learn the things what we should learn for any freelancing work.

Graphics Design

You will find plenty of online tutorials of Photoshop and Illustrator. You should learn about these two software very well.
Creativity is a great skill for Graphics Design. If your creativity skill is deep, then you can create new ideas and your designs will be different from others. As a result, your demand will be more than others will. 

This work is easy to learn. If you spend 3-4 hours per day to learn this work, then it is possible to create professional PSD design after 6 months. (Time is based on merit)

If you want to learn more about graphics design outsourcing work, then you can see this article: 'Graphics design in outsourcing'. Outsourcing through graphics competition.

Here is the last part of the article: Are you looking for the way of freelancing or outsourcing with ambition? (Last Part).

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