'Graphics design in outsourcing'. Outsourcing through graphics competition.

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. Some designers do outsourcing through their work. Their first choice for outsourcing through their work is to participate in the design competition. Some people have less interest working in Upwork or such websites where they have to do bids to get the works.
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Why some people take part in the graphics competition for outsourcing?

  1.  The people who are new to the outsourcing world, it is very difficult thing for them to get work by bidding. However, there is no obstacle for working in the graphics competitions for the new peoples.
  2.  There are no trouble of making the profile 100% or giving tests.
  3.  There is no troubles of bidding or giving interview for any work.
  4.  There is nothing about the feedback of your profile. Therefore, there is no way of knowing who the new or old graphics designers are. Therefore, if you are new, it is not a problem.
  5.  Others work is open in front of everyone. Therefore, you can learn and take design ideas from the available designs of others. This system supports a designer to become a better designer.
  6.  Now, if you come to the income, which is our main target, the competition sites are the best. If you work on a logo design in Upwork, then you'll earn 20-50 dollars. However, in competition sites you can earn 300 dollars by designing a logo, sometimes more than that. 
Now, I would like to mention the name of some familiar graphics website here.

These are the names of several most popular websites. Moreover, there are more websites, where the competition is only about graphics. If you win these competitions, then you will earn money otherwise not. There are some tips for taking part in the competition. They are shared below.

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  1.  If you are a new competitor, then participate in a low-budget competition. The contestants are low here. That is why; there are more chances of winning. By winning 2-3 competitions, the confidence level will increase.
  2.  You have to work with patience until the success come for the first time.
  3.  The competitions, which are not guaranteed, pay a special attention to their percentage of rating. If you feel that the contest holder isn't very active, then it will be sensible to avoid that contest.
  4.  First, read the details of the competition very well. If you don't understand well, then see the tasks of others to understand the needs of the client.
  5.  The funny thing about graphics competition is that you can see the designs of others. During the contest, you will be able to see the contest holder feedback on the designs. Therefore, you can get a better idea of his interest.
  6.  When contest holder will give feedback and rating after submitting your design, you should do necessary corrections faster according to the feedback and submit the design again.
  7.  Do not copy others design. If you copy others design, then you will be declared ineligible in the contest and your account in the website may be suspended.
  8.  If you don't win, there's nothing to be upset. Because everyone's interests is not same. Continue to try your level best. Then gradually the quality of your work will increase. Moreover, if your luck is with you, then your design will be sold from the contest without winning.
If anyone has some more tips, you can share it here.

design agencies, freelancer
Finally, here are some tips for the new graphics designer. According to experts, you can be a good graphics designer by following three steps. The steps are mentioned below.
  1.  You should create a good design identical and you should create 100 designs like this. This step will increase the experience of using graphics software tools.
  2.  You should create new designs by taking ideas from a number of designs and you should make 50 projects. This step will increase the experience about design.
  3.  Now you are the designer. In this step, you can start to create design by taking advantage of your own creativity.

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