'They are ten people' who have played an important role in different field of the world in 2015 (Last Part).

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. The international scientific journal Nature has published a report about ten people who have played an important role in different field of the world in 2015. Here is our first part: 'They are ten people' who have played an important role in different field of the world in 2015 (Part - 1). Let us know about them at a glance in the last part -

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Ali Akbar Salehi

Currently, Ali Akbar Salehi is serving as chief in Iran's nuclear program and in 'atomic energy organization of Iran'. In 14 July 2015, Iran has signed to play a role to reduce nuclear energy development. In exchange for that, international trade embargo on Iran has been taken out. Salehi has played a major role behind this peace agreement. When Salehi returned home after studying in American University of Beirut and in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Islamic revolution in Iran (1979) barely had been completed. Salehi did not take much time to reach the peak of the power in the country. By the year 2000, Salehi began serving as the head of Iran's nuclear program. According to Nature, devout and patriotic Salehi does not want to make any compromise about his country. However, at the same time, during serious complications he is not a man of silent.

Joan Schmelz

This year, Joan Schmelz has played an important role concerning 'sexual harassment and gender discrimination.' Schmelz is a solar physicist by profession. She has served 'American Astronomical Society Committee on the Status of Women' as the chairperson (2009-2015). While remaining on duty, news of sexual harassment of her many colleague's came to her ears. Subsequently, the suffered women (colleagues of Schmelz) came to her one by one and told their personal words. Schmelz identified from the words of her colleagues that more than one woman were sexually assaulted by one person. Four women complained against that person formally. As a result, the accused person resigned. Nature said that the accused person is familiar enough. He is a well-known hunter of the University of California, Berkeley. His name is Geoffrey Marcy. According to Nature, it is one of the most sensational and dramatic events of the year about chauvinism or discrimination.

David Reich

In this year, geneticist David Reich has proved that it is possible to uncover the unknown mysteries of mankind by the ancient genome. According to Reich genome research, we can know that a lot of people in the past moved from one place to another to live, how they played role in agriculture and what was the main language to exchange ideas. Reich founded the laboratory in 2013. David Anthony of Hartwick College of Oneonta, New York has said about Reich, 'Reich is trying to do something that others of the workplace are not doing.' On the other hand, it is clear from Reich's words that he enjoys this work. In the context of his work Reich says, 'Ancient DNA is a tool that is able to give idea about the past, it is like innovating new scientific instruments. You can learn many things, which you did not know before.'

Mikhail Eremets

'If I want to do something, then I am happy to continue to try for that numerous times.' - Mikhail Eremets has commented about himself. Currently, Eremets is working in 'Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany'. During 70 and 80, young researcher Eremets was tough. In necessary, he used the phone thousand times without objection. That is why 'pressurized hydrogen' is caught in his hands. A type of superconductor can be possible to make by this pressurized hydrogen, which can flow 190 Kelvin (-83 degrees Celsius) of electricity without interruption. It is needless to say that it is a record. As a result of the acquisition of 2014, Eremets has made his place in the ten person list of Nature.

Christina Smolke

At the start of 2015, like other scientists, synthetic biologists Christina Smolke was also looking for opioid for the creation of 'yeast strain'. This strong analgesic drug is very important for medicine. However, they were stuck on a level. While others had chosen the path of another option, Smolke and her team solved the problem digging through genetic database. The chosen option by others would influence the human body but this medicine will not. Now the analgesic drug 'opioid' is being made through the invented ways of her. This is the world's first narcotic, which is made in synthetic process. By the combination of 23 different genes like plants, bacteria, Smolke and her team have resolved the issue.

Brian Nosek

By spending 180 thousand dollars, Brian Nosek founded the non-profit organization Centre for Open Science (COS) in 2013. In 2015, COS took a project in their hand, which has changed the genre of research this year. Name of the COS project is 'Reproducibility Project'. Generally, researchers are so much overwhelmed in their thesis that in most cases if they did not like the result, they stopped or did not publish the result. However, in this project, the researchers will publish the result what they will get. This complete project of Nosek can be called psychological project. There is no doubt about it that this matter will be able to change researchers' thoughts.

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