Which work will you learn for freelancing? This article is very important for decision-making.

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. Recently, 'Freelancing' word is heard too much. I read a lot of writing about it. Some people are frustrated. Some people have questions in their mind, which job is appropriate for them. You can do freelancing by learning any work in the best way. There is no need to emulate others. Learn about that work with confidence and start working, which is interesting for you and the work you are able to do. Of course, you will be successful. Before starting work, you can read this article. It will be very easy for you to take decision. The amount of tasks is too high for some work. If you do that kind of work, then you can earn a lot and there will not be any shortage of that work.

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1. Web Programming

Web programming works are available more than others are in almost all freelancing website. Work rate is also much more. There is less competition in this work because the skilled people for this work are less. That is why there is a lot more possibility to get the work. In addition, the demand for this job is much higher. If you know web programming, then you can do much more work through this.

Work Type: e-commerce web develop, full website develop, joomla module develop, joomla theme develop, web template design, wordpress plugin develop, wordpress theme design etc.

 Skill: CSS, HTML, Javascript, joomla, Jquery, MySQL, php, wordpress

authentic, creative job postings

2. S.E.O. 

According to the amount of work and the quality, S.E.O. is just after web programming. Any business or website's online marketing work is S.E.O. All company needs marketing, whether they are big or small companies. Therefore, you can have a good idea about the amount of work. Since less computer knowledge or technical knowledge is needed for this work, so everyone can easily start after learning.

Work Type: article submission, email marketing, full S.E.O. project, keyword research, link building, online marketing, on page S.E.O., social media submission

Skill: article writing, off page S.E.O., online marketing, on page S.E.O.

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3. Graphics Design

There are a lot of demands of this in freelancing sites. If you know best graphics design work, then you can earn a lot. There are a lot of demands of graphics designers and many possible ways of earning including design competition, design sells.

Work Type: brochure design, business card design, logo design, website PSD design etc.

Skill: Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop

You can learn many things about outsourcing through graphics design in the below article.

'Graphics design in outsourcing'. Outsourcing through graphics competition.

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 4. Blog and Article Writing

One can earn a lot only through writing article. Who have a habit of writing and English skills are good, they can earn a good income through article writing. It is a very good way for them, who want to earn in online beside their job.

Work Type: article writing, article re-writing, translate, proof reading etc.

Skill: English writing skill, typing speed

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5. Mobile Apps Develop

Currently, making mobile application work is too much available among the programming work. It is era of smartphones. Therefore, works of developing mobile apps are too much available in online. The work rate is much higher but the competition is less. If you learn this work, you can earn a lot easily at least for the next ten years.

Work Type: application making, mobile games develop.

Skill: android application, java programming

authentic, creative job postings
There are also many kinds of work. If you really know about the work well, then you will be able to do a lot of work. However, I want to say one thing that if you start working without knowing well about the work, then the result will not be good. So learn well about the work before starting it. If you learn well about only a work, that will be enough.

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