'Protect your Facebook account from hacking.' No hacker will be able to hack your Facebook account.

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. Hope you all are well. This is going to be our 11th article. Nowadays, most of the requests coming to my Facebook account are about solving the trouble people are facing regarding Facebook. Such as: Bro, my account has been hacked, my account has been locked, my account has become disabled etc. However, maximum request was about 'hacking'. Some account can be recovered but many of them become locked while recovering. Therefore, I am giving some important information regarding Facebook account hacking. If you follow these things properly, then you can save your Facebook account from hacking.

facebook hacker
Before going to the main article, I want to thank the Facebook team for their amazing work. They are trying their best to protect their members from hacking. It is very tough for a hacker to hack Facebook account. However, some people are doing it through some trick. These tricks are not really hacking but most of the people use the word hack. If we become aware of these kinds of tricks, then it is almost impossible to hack our Facebook account. Let us learn about the hacking (trick):

Phishing: Many of you are familiar with the word phishing. It is the main weapon to hack someone's account. Phishing is a trap. Many of you are thinking that everyone knows about phishing and no one fell in this trap anymore. However, 95% accounts are hacked through phishing. 'After creating a phishing page, a link is forwarded to the target account and if anyone clicks the link and give the email and password, then his/her account will be hacked.' This is not the only way of phishing. There are many ways of phishing. Nowadays, foul hackers are making traps in different ways.

Email Phishing: It may be of several types. A link will be given like an email sign-in page. If you login with your email and password, then your email will be hacked. All account related to the email like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Website will be hacked. New hackers become victims by another kind of phishing. For example: The message will be 'learn hacking or hack others email.' While sending the email, they give another email address in that email and they will say that the given email is an email id of their crew and staff. Send an email entering your email id and password and the email which you want to hack... Blah... Blah.... There will be written many things. That email address will be the foul hacker's. If you send the mail, then your password will go to the hands of that foul hacker. Therefore, you have been hacked. Phishing means trap. Where you will see alluring or something amazing, it will be a trap. Most of the people's accounts are victim of phishing, not hacking.

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There are many other ways. It is not possible for me to learn and write everything for you. Therefore, I am giving you some information. By following these, you can save your account from hacking.
  1.  There are many people who use very easy password, which are very easy to guess. Such as: name of themselves, their birth date, birth year, phone number, address, lover's name etc. As a result, foul hackers can access your account after guessing several times. So, try to make your password strong. Even if you cannot remember strong password, you can make easily by following simple steps. Think that your name is Abcde Fghij. You can create strong password with this name. Abcde Fghij is simple password but A@(de f#h1! is a strong password. In short, you should use numbers, special character, uppercase, lower case etc with your main password.
  2.  The phone number, which is added with Facebook account or with email, you should keep that number carefully and safely. If you can, then add a number, which isn't known to many peoples. Because foul hackers can reset your password of your Facebook account and email, collect the reset code from your mobile and hack your account (In this case, the people who are familiar with you, only they are able to do this.).
  3.  Reload the page or check the URL in the address bar before logging in your account through Cyber Cafe, friend's PC, friend's mobile, unfamiliar website etc. When you are done, you should clear the history and after logging in through your PC or laptop, you should remove the Recognized Devices and Active Sessions.
  4.  Change the password frequently.
  5.  Please turn on login approvals and alerts.
  6.  Add known and trusted person to the Trusted Contacts.
  7.  If you add security question, then don't add questions like 'What's city or town your mother born?' or 'What's your grandfather's occupation?'. You should add questions like 'What's your  grade school teacher's last name?' and answer the question with long answer or difficult answer which only you know.
  8.  Login at least once a day.
  9.  Check email everyday.
  10.  Check the settings often.
Serious hackers do not try to hack without any intention. Therefore, if you follow the above rules, then foul hackers will not be able to hack your account.

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