What kind of Power Bank should be bought? How to use a Power Bank? Details about Power Bank. (Last Part)

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. I will discuss some points of buying a power bank in this article. Here is our 1st part: What kind of Power Bank should be bought? How to use a Power Bank? Details about Power Bank. (Part - 1)

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Tips 4: Keep in mind about protection.

Now, let us talk about protection. You are carrying a high capacity battery with you, whether it is in your pocket or bag, protection is much more necessary in this situation. Large manufacturer companies of power bank give four protections.
  • Over charging protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • High heat protection
If you have these four protections, then you can carry your power bank and use it safely. Because of having the four protections, no harm will be happened to your phone or your power bank. So, check this important protection before buying a power bank.

Tips 5: Check the output ports.

Some power bank has a single output port and some power bank has 3-4 output ports. Now, your choice will be dependent on your usage. If you want to charge only a device, then you can buy power bank with single output port and if you want to charge multiple devices, then you can buy power bank with 3-4 output ports. Some power bank has two ports. One is low power port and another is high power port. Again, both of them can be high power port. Therefore, you should determine that what you need and you can buy a power bank according to that.

Tips 6: Check that the device has quick charging technology.

As a power adapter can charge a mobile phone quickly, so quick charging is also possible from a power bank. The power bank, which has quick charging technology, can be charged quickly and it can charge your phone much faster. There is a company called OKI. Their products support quick charging and they have better quality products. If both of your devices support quick charging technology, then you do not need to spend hours for charging your devices. However, if your mobile phone does not support quick charging technology, then quick charging supported power bank will not give you any benefit. So, buy this technology supported power bank, when your phone has the ability to support the technology.

Tips 7: Check additional necessary utilities.

Many power banks can be found with in-build torch light. If you often go out or go to campaigns, then in-build torch light can help you a lot. Again, some power bank can be found with Bluetooth speaker and FM radio. So, check whether you need them or not.

Tips 8: Buy power bank of good company.

Power banks of Xiaomi are much better. The power bank of Huawei with 13000mAh is also very good. Moreover, you can buy a power bank of any famous company including OnePlus, Sony and Samsung.

Tips 9: Buy after watching the cable.

Some power banks can be found with attached cable but in most of the cases, power bank can be found with separate cable. If you want easy portability and do not want trouble of carrying a separate cable, then you can buy power bank with built-in cable.

Some of the most important things when buying a power bank.

The first point is that do not buy cheap power bank from a common market. It can be absolutely rubbish and you will not find peace, while using it. You will be given damn quality battery. Buy the power bank of famous company. If you buy from online, then buy it from a famous website. Before giving order in online, check the product ratings and comments. Then, give the order. In addition, if you check the warranty kinds of things before buying, then you can protect yourself from being deceived.

Last word

I hope that today's article will benefit many of you. Now, you know that what you should do, while buying a power bank and how you can select a product according to your own need.

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