40 known or unknown questions and answers regarding Google AdSense that everyone can see (Part - 01).

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. Today we’ll learn about forty known or unknown questions and answers about the Google AdSense. Let's come to the point.


Question 01: In order to get Google AdSense approval in non hosted account, a few questions of mine below.

  1. What is the minimum number of articles required before the application?
  2. What more do we need to add except for About Us, Contact, Privacy & Policy? Alternatively, what is better to add apart from About Us, Contact, and Privacy & Policy?
  3. Can we take advantage of the Google non-hosted account by banner advertising on Google via Google AdWords? Alternatively, how much priority might we have to get AdSense approval?
  4. If content image is used via Google search, then is it possible to get approval? Or else, should we need pure unique image and pure article published?
  5. How much word would be better for the article?
  6. Before applying to the Google AdSense, what checklist do we need to create?
  1. 30-40-50 should be good. More is better.
  2. There should be About Us, Contact, Privacy & Policy and DMCA. Please note that no category ought to have spaces. It is better to keep minimum 5-7 posts in each category.
  3. To get Google approval, no additional benefit can be found by advertising in Google AdWords. Google has no such policy.
  4. Unique image is best. However, do not take the copyright images from Google. If you take any image, then change the image title and size. There should not be any problem.
  5. It is better to have 400-500 words in each article. More is always better.
  6. Before applying on Google AdSense, we need to create some checklist. For example -
  • It should be checked, whether or not all tune of the site is 80-90% unique and whether they are inside the Google policy. 
  • All the important pages of the website ought to be checked.
  • It should be checked in Webmaster tools, whether 40-50 tune of the site are being indexed properly.
  • It should be checked, whether the design of the site is user and SEO friendly.
  • All useful things ought to be kept in simple navigation and layout.
  • If some organic keyword can be raised to the highest rank in search engines, then some additional priority can be found. 
(Though the content is big king) If you apply with a 50-60 days old website once checking a number of these items properly, then it's possible to get approval within the initial chance. Thanks.

Question 02: Will Alexa rank play an effective role to get AdSense in non hosted site?
Answer: No, it won’t.

Question 03: Bro, If we have a tendency to use spinning article and google's premium copyscape is passed, will we get AdSense approval?
Answer: So many person have tried. Nobody has received the approval. Publishing unique article is the best way to get the approval. You shouldn't think about spinning article.

Question 04:
  1. Is there any problem with 6 word domain name?
  2. Is it any problem to publish unique article with images from google?
  1. There should not be any problem. However, I would suggest to choose domain name consistent with targeted keyword. That would be better.
  2. Don't take images from google, which are copyright sealed or protected by some other person. If you take any image, then change the image title and size. There should not be any problem.
Question 05: There are 40-50 unique articles on the site but with a very few visitors. Can we get AdSense?
Answer: Google wants smart quality content. Visitor isn’t a fact. If Top Level Domain, About, Contact, Privacy & DMCA pages are okay, then you’ll get the approval.

Question 06: What kind of tune gets approval easily from non-hosted site? Any Suggestion to get fast approval in a new blog! I mean, which niche gets approval easily?
Answer: Smart question. Most of the time Technology tips, Smartphone review & Education Result receive approval easily.

Question 07: Can I use sub-domain for Google AdSense?
Answer:  Yes, you can. However, top-level domain ought to be approved. Then AdSense can be used in sub-domain.

Question 08: Will troll website get approval from Google AdSense? What content will we need?
Answer: If the subject doesn’t violate Google policies, then 40-50 tunes with smart quality will be approved. I would suggest making product base or informative website. Example: Smart phone review, Technology tips, Health tips. These things get approval soon.

Question 09: What is the minimum number of word should be in an article?
Answer: It is good to have 400-500 words. Otherwise, they will show insufficient content.

Question 10: Other than blog site, is it possible to get approval?
Answer: If the authority is nice and Alexa rank is less than 10k, then the website can get approval. SEO ought to be done for at least 5-7 months. Then the site has the possibility to get approval.

We’ve learned some known or unknown questions and answers regarding Google AdSense. That’s all for today. Hope, we will learn part 2 in the next part. Until then, keep yourself healthy.

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