Take 10 simple tricks to boost the loading speed of WordPress site!

Greeting everybody. Welcome to FTT blog. Today we’ll learn 10 easy tricks to boost the loading speed of WordPress site! WordPress is one among the most popular platform for blogging. Currently, so many bloggers are using WordPress for professional blogging. Aesthetic site design and SEO are necessary to bring good traffic in the WordPress based website. Additioanlly, page loading speed plays an important role to attract visitor in the website because when visitors will visit your website for the first time, then page loading speed is necessary to draw their attention within a few seconds. Otherwise, your website visitors won’t stay for a long time and will bounce to go to another website. Not only visitors will bounce of the website but also loading pages speed is very important for the google's search ranking. Therefore, if we don’t become aware of the speed of loading pages, then we’ll lose the site visitors and will be deprived of the long-term benefit from the site's SEO.

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Below ten simple tricks is shared, by following them you
will be able to greatly
increase the speed of your WordPress website.
01. Choosing the best host: Selecting the most effective host for WordPress website is very important. Many people use WordPress website hosted on shared bandwidth. Thereby, when so many traffic visit the website, website goes down due to limited bandwidth. Therefore, to increase the site's speed shared host ought to be avoided.

02. Solid framework or selecting themes: You'll be amazed to hear that the default WordPress themes, specially Twenty ten and eleven framework groups load the site slightly quicker because these are light framework.

03. Effective cache plugin should be used: WordPress installed plugin works fairly well however cache plugin works best. Specially, the W3 Total Cache plugin will do a much higher job in reducing the page loading time. There are also plenty of free plugin that are easier to use.

04. Using the content delivery network (CDN): Content Delivery Network or CDN is a third-party system by that the map create files of the website are maintained, which increases the page loading time of the website in the most cases.

05. Optimizing images: Larger image size decrease the page loading speed. There's a Yahoo website known as that reduces the size of the image while retaining the initial quality of the image. Additionally, in the name of WP-SmushIt, there’s free WordPress plugin that automatically optimize the website's image. 

06. Optimizing website's homepage: Usually, people land over the homepage a lot. Therefore, in order to reduce the speed of the website, optimizing homepage is very necessary. Homepage are often optimized in several ways.
  • Rather than showing complete tune in the homepage, Excerpt may be used.
  • It is not required to keep more than 5-7 tunes within the homepage.
  • Abstain from using inessential sharing gadget.
  • Inessential plugin ought to be removed.
  • Keep the homepage Minimal because visitors come to read the blog. They do not come to the blog to see thousand widget.
In short, a homepage that is clean and centered on core subjects not only make the website beautiful to see on, but also increases the website loading speed.

07. Optimizing WordPress database: For optimizing WordPress database, in my view WP-Optimize plugin works much better. Additionally, WP-DB Manager plugin works well. Basically, this plugin works to optimize the database up to date schedule.

08. Hot linking of the content should be disabled: Usually this problem arises when other websites get linked directly to your website through their desired image and load the server. Therefore, if you produce a custom image of your website on a regular basis, in that case it’s possible to greatly reduce the website loading speed.

09. Avoiding more tune draft: When we write a tune, we save the tune as a draft to take breaks in the middle of writing the tune or for the revision of the writing. However, if we draft a post that has been published at the end of writing the complete post, it reduces the speed of loading the website. In that case 
Revision Control plugin perform better to manage the tune draft.

10. Adding LazyLoad for images: LazyLoad is one kind of method that load the image when a visitor scroll down to see the post. It doesn’t load the image of the post all at once. Therefore, the website loading speed increases.
jQuery Image Lazy Load plugin can be used to do this work automatically.

Hopefully this article has benefited all of us. That is all for today. Hope, we’ll learn about another issue within the next part . Until then, keep yourself healthy.

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