40 known or unknown questions and answers regarding Google AdSense that everyone can see (Last Part).

Hello everybody. Welcome to FTT blog. Today we will learn about 40 known or unknown questions and answers about the Google AdSense (Last Part). Here is our first part: 40 known or unknown questions and answers about Google AdSensethat everyone can see (Part - 01), second part: 40 known or unknown questions and answers about Google AdSensethat everyone can see (Part - 02) and  third part: 40 known or unknown questions and answers about Google AdSensethat everyone can see (Part - 03). Let us come to the point.


Question 29: Bro, what should be the age of the site to get AdSense approval? How many tune should be published and how much SEO should be done?
Answer: Google's main condition is high quality content. Site should have a top-level domain. Then 40-50 unique article should be published taking 40-50 days. About, Privacy, Contact us and DMCA pages should be published on the site. All tune of the site should be submitted on Google Webmaster. Then do a little social media marketing. Apply for Google AdSense, when the site age is 50-60 days. Hope, AdSense application will be approved very soon.

Question 30: There are 15-20 posts in my site. There are also About, Contact us, Privacy policy pages. The age of the site is almost a year. Can I apply for AdSense? What more should I do to get AdSense?
Answer: You can apply with any site. But all sites will not be approved. Before applying, you should tune more 30 tunes in compliance with the Google policy.

Question 31: How can I withdraw Google AdSense account money?
Answer: Before December, 2013, people used to withdraw money by Cheque. It took almost a month to cash the money. Now there are Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) system. It will not take more than one week to transfer the funds to the bank account.

Question 32: If I use the language which AdSense do not support but use .com domain, will I get AdSense?
Answer: No, you will not get AdSense.
Question 33: How can I add mobile banking as a payment method to hosted AdSense? If you can tell in detail, then that will be good.
Answer: You can add mobile banking as a payment method to hosted AdSense. I haven't used it. So I don't know much about it. I think you need to give the mobile banking account number in place of bank account number. I would suggest you to search in the Google to get your answer. thanks.

Question 34: What are the differences between getting AdSense through HubPages and getting AdSense in own website?
Answer: As usual, getting AdSense in own site and getting AdSense through 3rd party is not the same thing. Of course, they will cut some percentage of commission from your account.

Question 35: After getting approval, if I use cpa of site related niche or promote some product through my site's banner, then will there be any problem with my AdSense account?
Answer: If there are something in promotion/cpa which violate the Google policy, then that should not be used. However, AdSense and Amazon can be used in the same site. There should not have any problem.
Question 36: If I create any sub-domain for my site, then can I use AdSense?
Answer: If you have a running AdSense which you got through top-level domain, then you can use. However, you will not get new AdSense approval through your site's sub-domain.

Question 37: 
  1.  I have a YouTube AdSense account. For my non-hosted site, can I apply for AdSense? In this case, will I have to face any problem?
  2. If I get the approval for my non-hosted site, then will my earning statistics for YouTube and own site be shown together or separately?
  1. Yes, you can apply. However, that will be a work which is associated with disturbance. It is a lot easier task to take a new AdSense account.
  2. You can see all statistics separately.
Question 38: Is it possible to use present YouTube AdSense in Blogger? If the answer is affirmative then how can I do this?
Answer: I haven't used any AdSense advertisement in Blogger after 2012. It can be used before 2014. Now many people say that the advertisement are not shown in Blogger. You can try with 40-50 good quality tune. Blogger is very easy to use. But I am not able to tell surely.

Question 39: If I already have an AdSense account, then will my younger brother be able to apply for another account? Our address is same.

Answer: With different site, computer IP, payee name approval can be got easily. Hope, there will not be any disturbance.

Question 40: If my site language is not supported by AdSense, can I apply for AdSense?

Answer: You can apply but that will not be approved. But if you have any AdSense account which you got with google supported language site, then you can use advertisement in not supported language site. However, I would not suggest it because the site language is not supported by Google AdSense.

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