40 known or unknown questions and answers regarding Google AdSense that everyone can see (Part - 02).

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. Today we'll learn about 40 known or unknown questions and answers about the Google AdSense (Part -02). Here is our first part: 40 known or unknown questions and answers regarding GoogleAdSense that everyone can see (Part - 01). Let's come to the point.


Question 11:
  1. How is 'Blogspot tutorial' as niche? Will we get AdSense approval with it?
  2. Will it be a smart decision to add top domain in Blogger? Should we need to add domain after buying hosting?
  1. Graphic tutorial, SEO, Technology tips & Web design, get Google AdSense approval very easily.
  2. After buying hosting, WordPress will be good to create a website. You’ll be benefited more by SEO.
Question 12: If the visitors of my website are from Facebook, can I get AdSense approval?
Answer: Although you do not have visitors, you may get AdSense approval complying with the law of Google. Google search engine’s visitors have more demand than Facebook visitors do. Therefore, more emphasis ought to be on SEO.

Question 13: What’s the difference between hosted and non-hosted AdSense?
Answer: The only difference between them is that hosted AdSense can only be used to the Google website Blogger and YouTube. However, I actually have heard that hosted AdSense that was got after 2014, they create trouble while showing advertisement in Blogger. Additionally, non-hosted AdSense may be used at maximum of 500 owned websites.

Question 14: People are too much emphasis on the standard of their article. Is there any site or software to check quality of any article?
Answer: Yes, there are so many tools in the web. Plagiarism Checker is an excellent tool. You’ll be able to check with it. Paid tools shows better results.

Question 15: 
  1. The domain of my Blogger blog isn’t set till now. I will set the domain in a very few days. So far, fifty tunes are tuned. Every tune is almost 80% unique. 100+ visitors come to my blog everyday. Once setting the domain, after how many days should I apply for AdSense to get the approval?
  2. What is good content? Please tell.
  3. After applying if I found any problem in my content, delete that content, tune a fresh content and apply again, then will there be any problem to get approval?
  1. Do not set domain in Blogger. I’d recommend creating a website in WordPress. WordPress is best SEO friendly. However, once setting domain in Blogger, you can apply after a month. If the content's quality is good, then you will get approval.
  2. Free of copy-paste and fresh writings. Of course, you must keep in mind grammar, sentence and how much part of the content is unique. Hope, you have understood.
  3. You will be in jeopardy after deleting posts. You’ll get 404 not found. You’ll lose the site rank. It will be better to update or re-write the content.
Question 16: 
  1. If the website's age is 3 months and 100 out of 250 post's unique percentage is under 50%, then can we get AdSense approval?
  2. What is important for AdSense approval? Should I concentrate on unique tune or visitor?
  1. The chance of getting AdSense approval in these sites is less. You will need 80% unique article to get the approval.
  2. Unique tune is more necessary than visitor is.
Question 17: What’s the meaning of non-hosted Google AdSense? Please tell me in details.
Answer: To get Google AdSense approval with your own site is called non-hosted Google AdSense. You can use advertisement in 500 websites by this one account.

Question 18: If I use Blogger, will I get Google AdSense?
Answer: Recently I actually have not heard that people have gotten approval with Blogger. If you want to get non-hosted AdSense, then you’ll need own domain. Free sub-domain won’t work.

Question 19: Can we convert hosted account to non-hosted account?
Answer: Yes, you can. You need to make a site according to Google policy. Then you can add that site to Google AdSense. Google will review your website. If everything is okay, then advertisement will be shown. If there is any problem, then ad won’t be shown. However, non-hosted account is quickly available.

Question 20: What would be the content of privacy and DMCA? Will it be good to rewrite from somebody else or should we need to write unique content? Can we generate it by a tool?
Answer: You’ll be able to generate it by privacy tools. You can rewrite 2-4 sentences. I have not found any problem until now. You can search in Google writing 'AdSense privacy'. Then you can generate it free with your site name and email. I think there will be no problem. DMCA pages are almost same for all.

Question 21: If we make a site from a free domain and hosting website, then can we get AdSense approval?
Answer: No, you will not.

We have learned a part of some known or unknown questions and answers regarding Google AdSense. That is all for today. Hope, we will learn the following part within the next phase. Until then, keep yourself healthy.

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