Learn about Albert Einstein, one of the world's top scientists. (Last Part)

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Patent Office

albert einstein, einstein
Albert Einstein
After graduation, Einstein was not getting any teaching job. He had hung around for job for almost two years. Two years later, one of his ex-classmate's father arranged a job for him in a office of Bern. It was a patent office called 'Federal Office for Intellectual Property'. He was an assistant examiner there. His job was testing the patents electromagnetic devices. In 1903, his job became permanent in the Switzerland patent office. However, he was informed that he would not get his promotion until he would acquire full skill about the technique of the devices.

Einstein's College classmate Michele Besso also worked in that patent office. Both of them met regularly with other friends in a place of Bern. Their purpose of meeting was discussing science and philosophy. Thus, a club was born. They named that club 'The Olympia Academy'. There, they read the writings of Ernst Mach, and David Hume most. Basically, they had the most influence on Einstein's scientific and philosophical thought.

General experts and historians believe that Einstein's merit was wasted while working in the patent office because his interest in physics had no connection with this job and he could go far ahead that time. But science historian Peter Galison has disagreed with that matter. According to him, Einstein's later life interests were intimately linked with the activities of patent office. For example, while working at the patent office, he did some research on electrical signals conduct and electro-mechanical accord. There was two main strategic problem related to conduct time. while thinking about those problems, he understood the fundamental connection between the nature of light, space and time.

On 6th January of 1903, Einstein married Mileva Maric. The relation was not only based on passion but also on a mixed of substantial amount of material of intellectual partnership. Later he spoke about Mileva, 'Mileva is such a creation who is equal of me and strong and independent like me'. There is controversy about what role Maric had played in his research. However, most historians believe that Maric had no major role in Einstein's research. On 14th may of 1904, the first son of Albert and Mileva, Hans Albert Einstein was born. Their second son Eduard Einstein was born on 28th July of 1910.

Annus Mirabilis papers

While working at the patent office in 1905, Einstein published four research papers in the German scientific journal 'Annalen der Physik'. The research papers, which were published in Germany's leading science journal, is known as historic 'Annus Mirabilis papers'. Subjects of the four papers were:
  • Photoelectric effect - Einstein's photoelectric effect equation proof.
  • Brownian motion - Supporting atomic theory.
  • Electrical kinetics - Discovering the special theory of relativity.
  • Mass-Energy Profound - Proving that famous formula E = mc2
The four papers are recognized as an amazing event in the history of science. Therefore, 1905 is referred to as 'miracle year' of Einstein's life. However, at that time, many of his scientific theory had not been proven and many scientists dismissed some of his discovery saying them improper. Such as his theory of light quanta was controversial for many years. Einstein achieved his PhD degree from the University of Zurich, when he was 26 years old. Experimental physics professor Alfred Kleiner was his adviser. His thesis name was 'A New determination of molecular dimension' cum a new determination on the atomic level. (Einstein 1905 b)

Promotion and start of teaching

Einstein was promoted to technical examiner in the patent office in 1906. However, he continued to study. In 1908, he joined the University of Bern as privatdozent. In 1910, he wrote a research paper on the tropical opacity. In that paper, he explained about cumulative figures effect of radiated light by the single molecule on the environment. 'Why does sky appear as blue to us?' This mystery was uncovered through that research. In 1909, he published two more research papers. In the first one, he said that there must have a definite momentum of the Max Planck energy-quanta and it will behave like a free point particle. Photon concept was born in that paper. Though the term photon was used first by Gilbert N. Lewis in 1926, the true meaning of photon was understood through Einstein's research. As a result, the origin of the concept of the wave-particle duality of quantum mechanics happened. The name of another research was 'Über die Entwicklung unserer Anschauungen über das Wesen und die Konstitution der Strahlung' (Structural form of radiation and the requirements of the development of our perspectives), which was written on quanta ion of light.

In 1911, Einstein joined the University of Zurich as an associate professor. However, he took full professorship at Charles University in Prague after that. While staying in Prague, he wrote a research paper on the effects of gravity on light especially gravitational red displacement and gravitational deflection of light. Through that, the astronomers found out the cause of deflection of light at the time of solar eclipse. At that time, German astronomer Erwin Freundlich began to promote Einstein's challenges to Scientists.

Some famous quote of Einstein

  • When Einstein was called for becoming the president of the state of Israel in 1952, he said 'I think the equation is more important than politics. Because politics is written in the current draft of the book and the equation is written in the book of span ageless'.
  • 'Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind.'
  • A young asked Einstein to explain briefly about the theory of relativity and he answered 'When a man gossips with a beautiful lady for one hour, then he thinks that he is sitting there for just a minute. However, when he stands by the side of a warm chimney for a minute, then he thinks that he is standing for one hour. This is the theory of relativity.'


albert einstein, einstein
Einstein died on 18 April of 1955. On 17 December of 1955, Princeton Symphony organized Einstein memorial music sounding. Einstein played various types of violin in his life. In the last stage of his life, he noticed that he could not raise his left arm easily and then he laid the violin.

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