'Who are hackers and what is hacking?' Today we will discuss about it.

Hello everyone. Welcome to FTT blog. Hope you all are well. Today we will discuss about hackers and hacking. There are many types of hacking, which has no end. We simply know about it by watching about it in any news or movie but there are more dangerous hacking and hackers than what we know. They keep their identity secret and do not introduce themselves in these works. From our previous or current knowledge, we think that hacking means different types of websites hack, Facebook ID hack, email hack, mobile hack etc. However, there are a lot more hacking out of it, which is not known to all of us.


Hacking: A process, by which one can enter a computer or computer network without any legal permission. Those are called hackers, who do hacking. Most of you know about it. Almost every one of us knows that hacking is just hacking any website and some of us think that to hack just a computer or computer network is hacking. Is it right, what we know or think? Actually, it is not right for many of the hacking. There are many kinds of hacking. If you use your mobile phone, landline phone, vehicle tracking, various electronics and digital instruments without legal permission, then that is also hacking. Hackers usually find the fault of the electronic devices and hack through them.

Hacker: Who practices hacking is called hacker. If they want to hack a system, then they learn all the information of the system including structure, procedures and how the system works. When there was not much practice of computer like now, the hackers were used to hack the telephone. Telephone hackers were called phreaker and the process of hacking was called phreaking. By hacking various telecommunication systems, they used them for their own needs.

There are mainly two types of hackers.
  1.  Ethical Hacker.
  2.  Non-Ethical Hacker.
There are many types of hackers in terms of their work. Hackers are identified by Hat. Some of them are:
  •  Black hat hacker.
  •  Blue hat hacker.
  •  Green hat hacker.
  •  Grey hat hacker.
  •  Red hat hacker.
  •  Yellow hat hacker.
  •  White hat hacker.
There are many more but these are the main. Descriptions of some of their work are given below.

  •  Black hat hacker: The most dangerous hackers are Black hat hackers. If they pull out any flaws in a security system, then they quickly use those errors for their own interest. They destroy the system. They spread different virus. They keep the way for themselves to enter in the system again in the future. Moreover, they even try to the enter the sub-system of that system.
  •  Blue hat hacker: They are not very much involved in hacking. Before starting any software or system, they examine bad or harmful aspects of the software or system and try to fix them.
  •  Green hat hacker: Their job is providing online security for the common people. They can do any needed work anytime, anywhere. They are the best to the general people.
  •  Grey hat hacker: They are double-dealer. I am explaining the fact, why I have called them double-dealer. When they pull out any flaws in a security system, then they will work according to their mind. At that time, they will do that work, what their hearts want. If they wish, they can report the security error of the system to the owner. On the other side, they can see the information and damage the system or they can use that for their own interests. Most of the hackers are in this category.
  •  Red hat hacker: You may have seen in the TV or in the movies that there are some hackers to help the cops in the Cyber World. These hackers are Red hat hacker. Their job is to hack for the cops.
  •  White hat hacker: Everyone thinks that hacking is a very bad thing. Is hacking very bad? No, hacking is not too bad. White hat hackers demonstrate that hacking is not a bad thing. For example, a White hat hacker finds errors in a security system and informs the owner of the security system about the errors. The security system can be a computer, a website in a computer network, a software etc.
There are some more. Such as:
  •  Anarchists: Anarchists are those hackers, who like to break computer security system or any other system. They find out the opportunity of a target and work according to that.
  •  Crackers: Most of the time malicious hackers are called cracker. Bad hackers are cracker. Their hobby or profession is to break different password and crating Trojan Horses and creating various malicious software. Harmful software is called Warez. They use that malicious software for their own work or sell that for their own profit. (If you are you one of them, then you are king of hacking.)
  •  Hacktivist: They are originally in connection with the political matter, religious, social attack etc. However, the most hacktivists are involved in DOS attack or in D-DOS attack.
  •  Script kiddies: They are not a true hacker. They have no real knowledge of hacking. They download or purchase various Warez and use that for hacking.
It is widely known or recognized that a hacker is a very intelligent person. Many good hackers have not done a bad hacking ever. However, if any hacker does hacking for becoming trapped before or for the anger with anyone, then which category of the above will be appropriate for him? He is also Grey hat hacker, because his hacking depends on his desire or thought.

There are also many other types of hacking, which cannot be count. However, these are the main types of hacking.

That is all for today. I hope to see you again in the next article.

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