Learn about Albert Einstein, one of the world's top scientists. (Part - 2)

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Winteler house at Aarau. Einstein completed his school education from here.

When Einstein was 15 years old, his father was becoming a victim of business losses constantly. At that time, his company failed to set up a lucrative contract like electrifying a large part of Munich city. Necessarily, Hermann and his family moved to Italy's Milan. He started working there with a relative. After Milan, they had been at Pavia for a few months. During the time, Einstein wrote the first scientific papers of his life called 'The Investigation of the State of Aether in Magnetic Fields'. His father had left him to a boarding house in Munich for finishing his education. His life became unbearable by living alone there. There was monotonous school education in one side and military responsibilities pressure for becoming 16 years old on the other side made his life unbearable. After being separated from his family for only 6 months, he left Munich and moved to his parents in Pavia. Albert suddenly appeared at the door of his parents and after watching him, his parents were quite surprised. Parents understood the pressure of school on him. In Italy, they did not admit Einstein in any school. Therefore, Einstein started to spend free life. His qualifications were not too optimistic to anyone. By showing the excuse of doctor medical notes, he came out of school.

Days in Zurich

In the meantime, there comes an opportunity for Einstein. He got a chance to get admitted into an institution called 'Eidgenössische Polytechnische Schule' (Swiss Federal Polytechnic School. In 1909, it was extended and got full university status and it was renamed as Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule cum Swiss Federal Institute of Technology or E.T.H. Zurich in 1911.) which was located in Zurich, Switzerland. Although Einstein had not any high school or equivalent degree, he was informed that if he get passed in the admission test, they will take him. He took part in the admission test. When the result published, he did very well in physics and mathematics but he became failed in French language, chemistry and biology. As he did well in mathematics, he got the chance to get admitted in polytechnic on a condition. The condition was that he would come through the normal school steps. That's the job. He was admitted in a special school of Switzerland's Aarau which was run by Jost Winteler and graduated from there in 1896. He originally studied there Maxwell's electromagnetic theory. At the same time, in order to avoid military duties, he formally gave up German citizenship. In this matter, he got his father consent. After that, he was not a citizen of any country for around 5 years. In 21st february, 1901, he received the Swiss citizenship, which he never left.

A special relationship grew up between Winteler family and Einstein and his family. Winteler's daughter, Sofia Marie-Jeanne Amanda Winteler (nickname Mary) was his first love. However, during his study of mathematics in E.T.H. Zurich, Mary went to Wellsberg as a teacher. Einstein's younger sister Maja married Winteler's son Paul and his close friend Michele Besso married Winteler's eldest daughter Anna. His days in Zurich went very happily. There he found many friends. He had spent a good time with them. Such as mathematician Marcel Grossman and Besso. He had regular discussions about time and space with them. There he met Mileva Maric. Mileva was a fellow physics student, who came from Serbia. In fact, Mileva was the only student in the Department of Mathematics at the University. Their friendship turned into love and later he married Mileva. Three children were born at their house. However, Einstein's mother did not like Mileva at first because Mileva did not look much better, she was non-Jewish and elderly. In 1902, their daughter Lieserl Einstein was born before their marriage. Lieserl died at an early age. The reason is unknown. Einstein came out from E.T.H. in 1900 after getting the Bachelor's degree in physics. At the time, Michele Besso introduced him with the writing of Ernst Mach. Shortly thereafter, his research-papers were published in 'Annalen der Physik'. The subject of the research was capillary force through tube.

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