What is blogging and how to start? (Basic Part)

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Blogs, blogging and bloggers, you surely have heard these words a lot. Unless you have previous experience about blogging, you surely want to know what blogging really is!

Yes, you have come to the right place. From the beginning of knowing about blogging to creating your own blog, I will try to tell everything in this article.

You can share your knowledge, ideas with thousands of readers through your own blog. You can improve yourself, develop your business and earn a living of your own through the earnings of your blog. Let us start.

What is Blogging?

You want to know about blogging, don't you? Before knowing about blogging, we need to know about blog first. I think the definition is little boring but necessary. If I want to say simply, then blog is an online diary. It is a platform where you can write your feelings, opinions, aspects or your knowledge and experience about any subject and share with others. The blog is your website where you can write regularly about a subject of your choice and share it with others.

Blog can be defined in many other ways. However, I have written about the basic thing what you need to know. Now I am writing simply about blogs, bloggers and blogging.

  •  Blog - An online diary, which will be on the internet.
  •  Blogger - The person who writes in the blog or does blogging.
  •  Blogging - Writing in the blog is blogging. Blogging is a way to share your feelings and knowledge. For example, I am sharing my knowledge about blogging with you and you are reading about it.

More details about Blogging:

It had been seen as a hobby at the beginning of blogging, where people wrote about their daily events, exactly the way people write in the diary. When the writings started to attract the attention of the readers, then blogging took a new turn and new writings about excellent topic started to grow. Crossing the border of hobby, blogging has become a major field to earn a living for thousands of people now. You will find blogs about all the things you can imagine, where someone writes about it. Business companies are giving much more importance to blogging day by day, which has provided a new dimension to blogging.

Website vs. Blog:

Many people cannot see the difference between websites and blogs. There are some fundamental differences between the two in terms of features. A blog can be a website but a website cannot be called blog, until the website will have blogging option.

Simply, website is a platform, where the data is still/static. This means that always the data/information is almost similar. In other words, there is no diversity of the subject or new issues are not written. For example: your school website or a company website where they provides certain information about your school or the company.

The blog is another version of the website, which has different characteristics. Blog information is not fixed/static. Blog information is progressive/dynamic, where new things are written on new subjects constantly. Such as: we started our blog 'Freelancing Technology Tips' with the article Twitter Reviews: After learning the unknown info about Twitter, you can be impressed! Our last published article was: Strange discovery of technology. 'TV can be rolled.' Today I am writing about What is blogging and how to start? (Basic Part) Next article may be on different subject. Today you are watching an article above others but tomorrow another article can replace its place. For this feature of writing or updating constantly, a website can be called blog.

Who does Blogging?

You may think that who are those people, who are constantly writing about their personal feelings, opinions or sharing their knowledge through the internet? They are people like you. There are too many of them, who are not computer programmer or coding expert. Many of them do not have the technical knowledge or the knowledge of technology. Though they do not have much technical knowledge, they are running their blog by following the easy instructions of blogging. I can tell you about two kinds of bloggers. There are a group of bloggers, who share their everyday life events that had taken place. The other do not share their personal things but they write about their hobby, react to things or share their knowledge with others on any subject.

Nowadays, blogs can be seen on almost all subjects. Such as: hair tips, weight loss tips, recently published news, technology information, interview tips, celebrity life, political rumors, recipes, health tips, expert advice on investments etc. By searching on Google, you can see all of this.

How do you start?

If I would start blogging now, what would I learn before starting? I am sharing those tips below.

If you want to start anything in life and want to do well, then you will need a lot of patience, love, sacrifice, commitment to do good and devotion to that work. These qualities will take you to the next step. The same qualities are required for blogging. You just need emotions to the subject, desire to learn and strong enthusiasm to do your best.

To start blogging, my personal and primary recommendation is to select a topic or niche that is interesting for you and you are interested to learn about that topic and niche. It may be traveling, tracking, design, technology, photography or cooking. It can be with any of these subjects. You need to select a topic, which will not discourage you to learn and write about it constantly.

Most of the bloggers start with a lot of enthusiasm but it becomes weak so soon. I mean, the strong incentive does not last long. The main reason is that they start blogging about a subject, which does not attract them. I mean, it was not the subject of their liking. Therefore, they lose interest to learn about the subject and write about it. For most of the bloggers, it is an unpleasant truth. 

Whether it is very good and profitable, you should not start blogging about a subject if you will lose interest about that subject after some time. You should take some time to select something, which will keep alive your enthusiasm, which topic will extinguish the lamp of your encouragement and give confidence to the fact that you will be able to be successful.

As long as you will not pay attention to your interest, you will not be able to share good things with your readers. Remember, ordinary people give more attention to the advice of someone, who knows a little more than they do. People always love to hear from an expert. Therefore, if you want to grab the expert's seat, then you will need to love the topic and learn more about the topic.

Anyway, starting something is the first step to become expert. Starting something means learning and starting the process of teaching. Discover the subject, which you know well or you can do better with that subject. This is all for today.

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